Real Profit…

I want a business that will reward my efforts with real profits.

Instead of paying millions for advertising and distribution, our company pays its customers to recommend their products to other customers — which is known to be the most effective advertising method — and it ships directly to customers, avoiding middlemen such as jobbers, wholesalers and retailers. According to experts such as Dr. Charles King, professor of Marketing at the University of Illinois at Chicago, this is the marketing wave of the 21st century.

Have you ever recommended a good book or a good movie to someone? Well, when you recommend that others set up an account with our company and they go ahead and do that, the company sends YOU a monthly check from all your referrals and all of their referrals as well.

Those families can be neighbors or they can be on the other side of the world in places like Canada, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Korea, New Zealand, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, and Singapore where we do business.

I want a business that will pay me even more when I refer more new clients.

In addition to the referral payments you get, our company also pays out an additional percentage of its monthly income to people who build the business. You do the math – this is a $800 million company. How much of that monthly pie would YOU like to have coming into your home every month?

Request more information and let me give you the full details without the hype and without the empty promises. I will give it to you straight and let you make an intelligent decision.

The Coach


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