Can I Get Your Attention For A Moment ….

Grab a tea or coffee … let’s discuss something very important.  It’s  about our partnership.

I’m fairly certain … after you’ve checked everything out thoroughly … you’ll be eager to get on board and I look forward to officially welcome you as our newest business partner. So I want to prepare you in advance about what to expect.

First off…

Can you dedicate some time? … at the start of our partnership to set things up so your “work from home” system runs automatically and starts earning you the cash.

Most of this set up stuff is handled from our office but, a few things need to get done from your end. Don’t worry … it’s not difficult to do and we guide you to make sure it’s done right … but … we do need to get that system set up for you.

Nothing happens until we do. No moola will be generated for you … or us … “on autopilot” without  first cranking up the system to work on autopilot!

If you’re planning a trip or something … that’s fine … it’s not the end of the world … just let us know in advance … and we’ll table your set up until you get back.

Ideally though, if you are going to partner up with us … it’s highly advisable to take the online training sessions which is absolutely FREE to set this system up as soon as you possibly can. Preferably right away. Why wait longer than necessary to get your profits coming in when you can get it firing on all cylinders sooner… Right?


I want to assure you … even though the first few days might get a little crazy and busier than normal … once this system is set up … it pretty much runs on its own. There is stuff you’ll do on a regular basis … but even a few hours a week takes care of that.

You’ll find that the longer your “work-at-home” runs – the more automatically the profits pour in. At the start though … “prime the pump” as much as you possibly can. We’ll show you how step by step. It’s not difficult.

And lastly…

We are looking for people like you … who like the thought of easily becoming a millionaire in the next 3 to 5 years – you’re in the right place. We’re looking for serious partners who want to become wealthy.

You Are Serious About Being Rich … Right?

Welcome Aboard My Friend!!!

You Know You’re In The Right Place, At The Right Time, With The Right People When You’re With The FREEDOM TEAM.

Contact me for more info: My Skype ID is: drkamalshah

To your success

‘The Coach’

Dr. Kamal Shah
Pasir Puteh, Kelantan
Skype ID: drkamalshah

Successful People DO Daily… What Ordinary People DO Occasionally


About freedomteamcoach

Dr. Kamal is a Homeopathic Doctor, Entrepreneur, Seminar Speaker and former trainer to many MLM companies. Now Dr. Kamal heads up the FreedomTeam for the country of Malaysia.
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