Answer Two Questions

We believe everyone should get these two questions answered before they become involved with any opportunity.

1. Can I or any other person that gets involved LOSE any money?

You see if a company does not give you an unconditional 100% money back guarantee on your initial investment and a no questions asked 100% refund on the products if your not happy with them ….. RUN. If they don’t  do that, then you have to question the credibility of that company. WE DO OFFER THOSE GUARANTEES!!!!

2. Will I get value for my initial investment?

If you do not get value for your initial investment then you are probably looking at some kind of a recruiting scheme, where the chosen few at the top make all the money and it is always at the expense of you and I that joined too late. The answers to those two questions will, to a large extent, determine if you have a reasonable chance at success.

To  your Success

‘The Coach’

Dr. Kamal Shah,
Freedom Team M’sia
Pasir Puteh, Kelantan,
Skype ID: drkamalshah

Successful People DO Daily… What Ordinary People DO Occasionally


About freedomteamcoach

Dr. Kamal is a Homeopathic Doctor, Entrepreneur, Seminar Speaker and former trainer to many MLM companies. Now Dr. Kamal heads up the FreedomTeam for the country of Malaysia.
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