The Eight Hidden Values of Network Marketing

The Eight Hidden Values of a Network Marketing Business, Other Than Making Money

Robert Kiyosaki says there are Eight hidden values of a network marketing business, other than making money. I know this to be fact, but I’ll let Mr. Kiyosaki speak for me, as he is the financial expert.
his book Business School For People Who like Helping People, Robert Kiyosaki let’s the reader know immediately; he did not earn his money in network marketing. However, he has spent considerable time investigating the industry.

During that investigation, he attended many of the mlm meetings he was invited to. He saw the good, and the bad side, of network marketers, and network marketing companies. When he saw a product he wanted, he even joined a few companies, to access their products. During his investigation he discovered many hidden values in network marketing companies.

Following are his conclusions about the network marketing business. Mr Kiyosaki found that there were eight hidden values of a network marketing business. They are:

Hidden Value Number 1 – A Life Changing Business Education

This hidden value, is the number one reason he recommends network marketing. It’s a system of business education. Robert suggests really looking into the heart of a company to see if the have an interest in training and educating you. This training should be powerful enough to transform you from a caterpillar into a butterfly.

“The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work.” — Robert Kiyosaki, Entrepreneur, Businessman and Author

Does the company have leadership that has been there and done that, or are they just a bunch of corporate shirts? He speaks of afour sided training which is much different than you received in public school. Many traditional businesses have a fear based environment. Make a mistake and get punished.

Network marketing encourages you to learn from your mistakes. A good company, takes you beyond the fear of failing. This hidden value is an education encompassing the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual sides of life. A glimpse of other famous failures successes, may make this failing forward idea more clear.

Hidden Value Number 2 – The Value of Changing Quadrants instead of just changing jobs.

These are the people in the E Quadrant, (employees) or the S Quadrant. (self employed) Each of these must be present, by the hour or by the job, in order to be paid.

This even includes professionals like doctors, dentists, and small business owners. Unfortunately, people feel trapped in their jobs or occupations. If you’re one of these it may be time to move on.Rich people spend more time in the B and I quadrants.

Changing from an E or S quadrant to a B and eventually an I quadrant is not an overnight process. People ask Mr. Kiyosaki how to do this. He usually recommends they join a network marketing business, as this may be a process, requiring a re-education, and perhaps a change of core beliefs. These changes will take time and guidance.

Some network marketing companies will offer this re-education, allowing a slow transition to a new you. Robert says, many have lost all confidence and faith in themselves. Many network marketing companies have a hidden value of rebuilding individuals mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

One of the blessings of building a network marketing business, is passing your success on to others. Your mentors train you to think like, and be, a B quadrant business owner. As you’re learning and growing, you’re doing the same for others.

”For people choosing to use a network marketing system to build a business in the B quadrant, the price of entry is a lot lower, the risks are lower, and the education and support are there to guide you through this personal development process.” — Robert Kiyosaki

Network Marketing allows you to keep your day job as you transition to the B Quadrant. This lowers your risk. Finding a B quadrant network marketing company, requires looking for one, that focuses on more than making sales and sales training. They will be interested in developing you as an individual.

You’ll also want to look carefully at your upline success team, for a quality mentor and mentorship. This is a multi-year process, not an overnight fix like switching jobs. While it may be a five year transition, it will be worth it, as your success kicks in. Then you can work when you want to, not because you have to.

“The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work.”– Robert T. Kiyosaki, Entrepreneur and Author

A network marketing training systems greatest hidden values are that they:

a. Encourage you to leave the nest rather than be a loyal employee.

b. Have a program to support you during the periods of fear, doubt, and frustration.

c. Have mentors who have made the journey themselves, encouraging you to follow after them.

d. Will not fail you as they do in school, or fire you as they do in business, if you make the journey at a pace that is best suited to you.

e. Lastly they want you to make it to the other side.

Hidden Value Number 3 – The Value of Access into a B Quadrant Business

Why don’t people start at the B quadrant? Because it’s expensive, and in more than just money. S quandrant businesses usually do not make the transition because the price of a successful transition, is too high.

A valuable hidden value of network marketing is it’s offer to all of us. That is access to a B quadrant business at a better price. When Robert looked into network marketing, he found all the systems his Rich Dad had taught him, in place for an affordable price. (usually less than $500.00)

Throughout history the B quadrant business has been the domain of the rich. Usually the E and S quadrants worked for them; yet were never told about how to access the B quadrant. School systems teach how to join the E and S Quadrants, but never educate on haw to build a B quadrant business.

In network marketing everyone has a chance to reach the top. Few do. The emotional baggage, of trading time for money, can cause those from the E quadrant to quit or change companies much too soon. B quadrant business owners work for long term success, which can entail, delayed gratification.

Our society teaches us to crave money and immediate gratification. This works against us, just as it works for the advertisors. We need to put in time, to learn and grow our network marketing business, to the B quadrant powerhouse it can become.

Hidden Value Number 4 – The Value of Investing in the Same Investments the Rich Invest In

The SEC says certain investments are only for millionaires. This disqualifies most people. Mr Kiyosaki says there are two reasons people invest: They either don’t have enough money, or they have too much money.

Successful network marketers have an income steam to make them wealthy. Next, they’ll need to learn how to utilize the I quadrant investments, as their income streams make them wealthy. B quadrant participants now are utilizing another hidden value. This is an asset that E and S quadrant people do not have. That advantage is called leverage.

Leverage means, we have the power to earn more and more, by working less and less. In this hidden value, our business, does not demand our presence in order to make money. Our networks are building our wealth. E and S quadrants require your physical presence. They are bound by time.

B quadrant business owners have the best investments, because the rich made the rules for investing. These rules are not meant to benefit what is considered a retail investor.

“I suspect one reason they don’t teach financial literacy in school is because our schools teach people to be employees.” — Robert T. Kiyosaki, Entrepreneur and Author

Quite often an E or S quadrant person hits the wall on their earning power. Introducing them to network marketing allows them to start building networks and learning the advantages of leverage. This will be the tool, that takes them beyond, their income roadblocks.

“A person in the E or S quadrant, in most cases, must work more and more if they want to earn more. The problem is, the people in the E and S quadrant are marketing a finite commodity, their time. There are only so many hours in a day.” — Robert T. Kiyosaki, Entrepreneur and Author

Hidden Value Number 5 – The Value of Living Your Dreams

“Most people don’t have dreams, my rich dad said

Why I asked?

Because Dreams cost money, he said” — Robert T. Kiyosaki, from Rich Dad Poor Dad

One of the more important hidden values I have found in a good network marketing businesses is: They stress the importance of going for and living your dreams, says Kiyosaki. The words We can’t afford it, are dream killers. Kiyosaki’s rich dad taught the words: How can we afford it?

People who kill other’s dreams have given up on their own. Kiyosaki’s rich dad said: Being rich and affoding a big house is not important.It is who you become in the process of affording the big house that is important.

The network marketing industry encourages people to dream big dreams and achieve those dreams. If you are a person with big dreams and are also a person who would love to support others in achieving their big dream, then the network marketing business is definitely a business for you, says Kiyosaki.

Hidden Value Number 6 – What is the Value of a Network

A networks economic value = the number of users squared. Therefore, if you are a single person business = value of one.Having two people in your network, which is you and one other gives your network an economic value of four. Every time your network grows it’s economic value multiplies.

This growth of economic power is called Metcalf’s law. Network marketing brings this power to the average individual. As you grow your network through recruiting, it begins to gather economic power or leverage.

“I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.” — John D. Rockefeller

Hidden Value Number 7 – How Your Values Determine Your Reality

If people value job security their reality is likely the E quadrant. They are an employee. For them changing to a B quadrant is difficult as they don’t value freedom, like an entrepreneur does.

An S quadrant person doesn’t trust others to do the business correctly. Their attitude is; If you want things done right, you need to do them yourself. This makes it difficult for them, to transition into trusting, and training others.

To change quadrants means to change our core values. A B quadrant person is always finding people who are smarter, or more skilled, to be on their teams. They see the 5% of businesses that are successful, whereas, the E quadrant people can only see the 95% of businesses that fail in the first 5 years.

The quadrant we are in can be based on fear or faith. For those in the E quadrant a fear of insecurity keeps them in a job. For the S quadrant it can be the fear of trusting others that keeps them bound up as a single entrepreneur.

To move into the B quadrant, may take the faith to believe; taking the risk is worth it. B quadrant people have faith that even if they fail, they’ll rebound, and achieve the success they’re seeking. Their hidden value is having faith in themselves, and in other people. This hidden value can be developed by hanging out with the excited, entusiatic people you’ll find in most network marketing companies.

Hidden Value Number 8 – The Value of Leadership

There is great hidden value in learning to speak in front of a group. Even more value in being able to lead and inspire. One of the most important skills you’ll develop through being in a good network marketing company is leadership. We can all develop the skills of leadership, but few are offered the time, the training and the opportunity to develop it.

“Money always flows to the leader. If you want more money, simply become more of a leader.” — Rich Dad from Rich Dad, Poor Dad

There are leaders found in all the Quadrants, but developing your leadership skills in the B quadrant is essential to lead a team. In the B quadrant leadership skills are not optional.

Network marketing leaders speak to others and inspire them spirit to spirit. Remember how we spoke of a boss or government using fear for motivation. That may work with someone who is afraid of losing their job due to their security consciousness. In network marketing we inspire others to aspire to greatness. See What Makes a Good Leader.

Why the Network Marketing Business Will Continue to Grow

Just like franchising network marketing was resisted in the beginning. Just like franchising grew, network marketing is growing in acceptance. While there are many who do not make good money, this is expected as there are distributors and companies that give people the false expectations of getting rich with no effort and no education.

People Want More Freedom

No longer will workers get a job and stay there for 25 years. This is almost impossible in this generation of layoffs and downsizing. Those who wish to live their lives on their terms will be drawn to the freedom of the network marketing industry.

People Want To Be Rich

In previous generations you worked hard and you were paid more, as you got older. Then, as as you retired your income would go way down. People expected to retire poor. Today we have 25 year old billionaires who run software companies. At the same time we have 50 year olds looking for a new job.

They know there will not be a retirement waiting for them. They have no company pension. What they need is a way to make up for lost time. Those that haven’t given up need a network marketing business to build the security their jobs weren’t able to provide.


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