Melaleuca Inc.,

Melaleuca, Inc. has been around for quite a long time and provides consumers with the chance to use their products and make money by introducing new consumers to the company. One of the best things about Melaleuca is the business opportunity it presents for average people. The buy-in costs are low and the potential is enormous. However, when looking at any business opportunity like Melaleuca it is important you do your homework. So I have evaluated the three major aspects of Melaleuca, and posted my results below. Enjoy!


What we now know as Melaleuca, Inc. initially started out as Oil of Melaleuca, Inc. They were known for one product and sold it via a multi-level marketing (MLM) platform. In 1985 a gentleman by the name of Frank VanderSloot took over ownership of the company. When he took over he decided to make some drastic changes.

VanderSloot worked hard to turn the product line of that Oil of Melaleuca, Inc. produced in line with FDA regulations. He also changed the name at that time to Melaleuca, Inc. The new name was designed to be more inclusive to all the products and had a more professional sound to it. After he got those important details addressed and solved there was another distinguishing change that VanderSloot implemented. He turned the pay structure of the company into a consumer direct marketing company.

Today, Melaleuca, Inc. is a prosperous company with annual sales over $887 million dollars. They are also one of the largest privately owned companies in Idaho. Their competition is considered personal product powerhouses such as Proctor & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson.


The product line of Melaleuca was initially based predominantly on tea tree oil products. Today, they have grown the product line to environmentally friendly household cleaners. One of the claims of those cleaners is that they help reduce symptoms related to allergies and asthma in the household. Pharmaceutical and nutritional supplements are also part of the line. In recent years they incorporated a new cosmetics line in conjunction with Nicole Miller, a fashion designer. The newest Melaleuca, Inc. product is home security. As you can tell, Melaleuca is likely to offer some product or service for everybody.


Melaleuca, Inc. is not an MLM, but rather a company based on the “Consumer Direct Marketing” business model. You get paid by introducing new consumers to shop with Melaleuca.

As a “marketing executive” for Melaleuca, Inc. you are entered into a 5 X 7 compressed matrix. Which means you can enroll 5 new customers on your first level, followed by 25 on your second, and 125 on your third and so on. Until you get down to level 5 where you can potentially have 15,625 distributors on that level. The people who you enroll who also enroll other people go into your matrix as well.

You get paid on a percentage of the cost of the products that every one purchases in your 5 X 7 matrix. This can be a very lucrative compensation plan for the right individual.

Melaleuca is also known as the ‘WELLNESS COMPANY’ and is ranked top three in the USA. Melaleuca also has an outstanding record of retaining 95% of its consumers that buy from them on a monthly basis. Join us now and live healthier and wealthier.

Find out how YOU can be part of the Melaleuca family in Malaysia by contacting us on Skype. My Skype ID is: drkamalshah.

To your success,

‘The Coach’

Dr. Kamal Shah
Pasir Puteh, Kelantan
Skype ID: drkamalshah

About freedomteamcoach

Dr. Kamal is a Homeopathic Doctor, Entrepreneur, Seminar Speaker and former trainer to many MLM companies. Now Dr. Kamal heads up the FreedomTeam for the country of Malaysia.
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